Mithai are an important aspect of the South Asian cuisine and have a special place in the hearts of all Indians. Mithai are Indian sweets and are made with a variety of ingredients and through different techniques and methods.

Mithai are made from a wide range of ingredients, for instance, different flours, milk solids, milk, root vegetables, seasonal fruits, fermented fruits,dry fruits, roasted and raw seeds, fruit pastes, etc. but the most important ingredient in all of the Mithai is sugar.

There are also various methods and techniques for the making of these Mithai. For example, some of the Mithai are baked such as Barfi, some of the Mithai are cooked such as kheer, some Mithai are frozen such as kulfi, and some of the Mithai are fried such as jalebi. Along with all of these methods of making Mithai, there are also other varieties of Mithai which involve a mixture of innovative and creative techniques in order to prepare them.

Just as deserts like ice-cream or pudding if not present after a meal in a western setting makes a meal feel incomplete, similarly if Mithai are not present after an Indian meal, it seems incomplete. Hence, Mithai are an important part of gatherings and parties. They are normally used after a meal,however, they are also used in celebrations, such as ‘Eid, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, Teej, Shivratri, Navartri or Krishna Janamashtmi etc.

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